Land Rover / Range Rover Service, Repair & Maintenance for
New York City (NYC), Rockland, Westchester & Bedford Park, New York (NY)

Land Rover / Range Rover
Automobile Maintenance and Service Schedule

Land Rover vehicle owners love the comfort of their rugged terrain SUV and regular maintenance and service will keep it running to optimum performance. The Land Rover comes equipped with a Driver Information Module, which will alert owners of an upcoming service interval, which will be based on both time and distance. In addition to routine maintenance, simple checks should be carried out frequently.

Check Your Land Rover SUV Routinely

  • Daily Checks For Your Land Rover Vehicle
    • Operation of lamps, horn, wipers, washers, direction indicators and warning lamps.
    • Operation of seat belts.
    • Operation of brakes.
    • Check for fluid deposits underneath vehicle for leaks.
  • Weekly Checks For Your Land Rover Vehicle
    • Engine oil level.
    • Brake fluid level.
    • Power steering fluid level.
    • Engine coolant level.
    • Windshield washer fluid level.
    • Tire pressure and condition.
    • Air conditioning operation.

Driving A Land Rover In Harsh Conditions

When driving a Land Rover in harsh conditions, more frequent attention may be needed, including sooner service and maintenance.

Harsh Driving Conditions For Land Rover Include:

  • Driving in extremely hot weather conditions.
  • Towing a trailer.
  • Driving in mountainous conditions.
  • Driving in dusty / sandy conditions.
  • Driving on rough / muddy roads.
  • Wading.

Required Full Service Maintenance Intervals for
Land Rover / Range Rover Vehicles

  • 15,000 Miles / 12 Months
  • 24,000 Miles / 24 Months
  • 36,000 Miles / 36 Months
  • 48,000 Miles / 48 Months
  • 60,000 Miles / 60 Months
Land Rover Service, Repair & Maintenance for New York City (NYC), Bronx, Rockland & Westchester, New York (NY)

Checks & Service For Land Rover Maintenance Intervals:

  • Reset Service Interval Indicator
  • Check Operation of All Lights, Indicators & Horn
  • Check / Replace Wiper Blades
  • Check / Refill Wiper Fluid
  • Replace Pollen Filter
  • Check Condition & Security of Seatbelts
  • Anti-Corrosion Check on Body of Vehicle
  • Inspect & Lubricate All Hinges
  • Change Brake Fluid (3 Years)
  • Inspect Oil Cooler & Remove Debris
  • Check Coolant Level & Freeze Protection Level
  • Replace Air Cleaner Element
  • Inspect / Replace Serpentine Drive Belt (105k Miles)
  • Change Oil & Filter
  • Inspect Brake Pads, Discs & Fluid
  • Inspect Brake, Fuel Lines, PAS Hoses & Unions
  • Rotate Tires / Wheels
  • Lubricate Wheel Centers
  • Tire Pressure, Condition & Tread Check
  • Check Adjustment of Electric Parking Brake
  • Inspect For Leaks
  • Check Exhaust System
  • Remove / Replace Debris from Dynamic Response Valve Block & Chassis
  • Inspect Electrical Harnesses for Correct Routing / Damage
  • Check / Replace Spark Plugs (105k Miles)
  • Road Test