BMW Service, Repair & Maintenance for
New York City (NYC), Bronx, Rockland, Westchester & Bedford Park, New York (NY)

BMW Automobile Maintenance and Service Schedule

BMW owners not only love the comfort their luxury vehicles, but they know that with proper maintenance, they will be driving it through 100,000 miles and past 200,000 miles. Proper preparation for seasonal changes will make a world of difference for maintaining your BMW.

BMW Scheduled Maintenance is designed to give your vehicle maximum car safety, reliable transportation and minimization of breakdowns from wear-and-tear at the lowest cost.

Tips For Seasonal Maintenance For BMW Vehicles

  • Winter BMW Maintenance
    • Scheduled Regular Maintenance
      • 60,000 Mile Tune Up If Needed
      • Check, Change or Top-Off Car Fluids
        • Transmission Fluid
        • Engine Oil Fluid
        • Brake Fluid
        • Coolant Fluid
        • Wiper Fluid
      • Inspect Brakes
        • Brake Pads
        • Rotors
      • Check Tires and Change to Winter/Snow Tires
      • Check / Replace Wiper Blades
      • Inspect Interior / Exterior Lighting
      • Check Heater
  • Summer BMW Maintenance
    • Check Battery - Heat can drain your battery life
    • Change Tires to All-Season Tires
    • Check Car Fluid Levels
      • Engine Oil
      • Anti-Freeze
      • Wiper Fluid
    • Check / Replace Wiper Blades
    • Clean Undercarriage
    • Protect Exterior with a Car Wash and Wax
    • Check Air Conditioning

Tips To Save On Gas With Your BMW

  • Avoid Heavy Acceleration
  • Avoid Heavy Braking
  • Use Good Engine Oil
  • Regular Tune-Ups
  • Change Engine Oil For Scheduled Mileage
  • Proper Tire Pressure
  • Use Fuel-Efficient Tires
  • Check Air Filter
  • Drive Speed Limit for Highway
BMW Service, Repair & Maintenance for New York City (NYC), Bronx, Rockland and Westchester, New York (NY)

Scheduled Maintenance Intervals For BMW

For Models Later Than 1999

  • 15/45/75/105/135/165/195/225 Miles (In Thousands)
    • Intermediate Oil Change
  • 30/90/150/210 Miles (In Thousands)
    • Inspection I
  • 60/120/180/240 Miles (In Thousands)
    • Inspection II

BMW Inspection I

  • Readout of Diagnostic System
  • Change Engine Oil & Filter
  • Check Transmission for Leaks
  • Check Fuel Tank, Lines & Connection for Leaks
  • Check Axles
  • Check Exhaust System
  • Check Power Steering System
  • Check Brake Pads
  • Lubricate Wheel Center Hubs
  • Check Parking Brake
  • Check Brake & Clutch System Connectors
  • Check Tire Pressure & Condition
  • Check Engine Cooling System
  • Check Coolant Level
  • Check Brake Fluid Level
  • Check Air Conditioner / Heater Operation
  • Check Windshield Wipers & Fluid
  • Check Battery
  • Check Lighting System
  • Check Condition of Safety Belts
  • Check & Lubricate Hinges (Door & Hood Latches)
  • Replace Cabin Filter
  • Visually Inspect Air Bags Units
  • Road Test
  • Reset Service Indicator

BMW Inspection II

  • Inspection I List Above
  • Check & Replace Spark Plugs
  • Check & Replace Intake Air Cleaner Element
  • Check & Replace Fuel Filter