When You Drive A World Class European Automobile
(Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, SAAB or Volvo)
You Never Want To Put It In The Hands Of An Amateur For Your Auto Service or Repair

So, At Bedford Park Motors in Bronx, New York (NY) - Who Actually Services My Car?

Auto Service and Repair Mechanic
The word "Mechanic" conjures up thoughts of the average Joe with greasy hands & clothes with a rag and wrench in his pocket. Give him a 1967 Chevy and he can gap the plugs and change the points in 5 minutes. But give him a modern European car and all he can do is stare at it.
Auto Service and Repair Technician
However, the word "Technician" might give you visuals of a man in a white lab coat whose hands are never dirty. He can certainly analyze what was wrong with your car, but is he man enough to wrench open that engine, defeat the problem and put it back together running perfectly. I think not.

What You Need Today Is An "Auto Service Technician"
A Well Trained, Highly Experienced, Certified Auto Service Technician
Specifically Qualified & Trained to Work on Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, SAAB & Volvo
He Is Worth His Weight In Gold!

Bedford Park Motors European Auto Service Mechanic

The Truth With Today's Complex Vehicles

The perfect auto service technician must be a combination of mechanical engineer, electrician, diagnostic wizard, continuing student and a great mechanic who can handle the computer equipment, knows his tools and is tough enough to do the good old fashioned hard work. It's not glamorous work, but it's exciting work. Part detective, he must discover the problems, create a solution, take the puzzle apart and put it back together again to work perfectly.

A great auto service technician is a combination of curiosity, constant study, refined intuition, well earned experience, deductive reasoning, strong arms and nimble fingers. Plus, he loves his job!

To you, his job is extremely important. It keeps you on the road, getting you to work, school, shopping, church, and vacation. It keeps your car reliable, from the day-to-day routine - to cross country trips or the late night emergency.

A great auto service shop, with dedicated technicians, is worth its weight in gold too. When you find a great shop, stick with it, and tell your friends about it, because we all need reliable transportation.

Yes - The Manufacturer Who Made Your Car Does Change Things Every Year!

As you might suspect, each year the major European automobile manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, SAAB & Volvo) create new, more highly sophisticated diagnostic instrumentation to scan and detect your automobile's condition. Each automotive system and part can be checked to see if it is operating properly or improperly. This amazing equipment will tell us if a part or system needs to be adjusted or replaced.

When You Come In Regularly For An Oil Change It Gives Us A Chance To Make Sure Everything In Your Car Is In Good Condition

A great auto service technician knows every aspect of your car, how to make sure you car is OK or find disorders using the diagnostic equipment to find problems before they happen. This helps you eliminate breakdowns and expensive repairs.

If a car problem is discovered, then he must be able to adjust, repair or replace any system or parts, to get your car running at peak power and efficiency every time.

Be Very Careful What Auto Service Shop
You Take Your Car To

Without the necessary factory diagnostic equipment, training and experience, anyone trying to repair your car is working in the dark, trying to make auto repair decisions by his best guess. If they don't have the current equipment and experienced mechanics, you need to find someone who does.

It Will Actually Cost You Less To Have Your Car Repaired By A Shop With The Right Equipment
And Qualified Technicians Than
One Who Does Not Have It

Those who don't have the proper equipment and training simply start changing out parts until the problem is solved. You may have to pay for extra time and repairs that were never even needed.
European Car Repair and Service

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Often - The Biggest Problem We Have To Deal With When People Bring Us Their Fine European Car...

...is a problem that was created by a "Low Priced Repair Shop" where they just had their car repaired. The mess that is often made by these amateurs usually cost you twice as much to fix than if you had just gone to a "More Expensive", qualified European Car Repair Shop in the first place. Mechanics who could fix a Chevy, Ford or Toyota to complete perfection in short order, can ruin a perfectly wonderful Mercedes, BMW, Audi or Volvo in just a couple hours. Why? Because these cars are like night and day. A mechanic who works in a general auto service shop that works on all makes and models might work on a BMW or Mercedes only once every few months. And maybe only once a year for the specific problem you need to have worked on.

As such, he needs to be reading the repair manual as he goes along - to make sure he is doing it right.

So what if they have to charge you double the hours because the mechanic is in the "learn as you go" mode. But the chance of an early failure of that repair is far greater, and you've had to pay more for amateur work.

Wouldn't you rather have your European car worked on by a guy who has performed that service three times a day, 20 days a month. Now - that is professional!

You must be a "Current" European auto repair master, (meaning working with them all the time) to keep up with the technology and changes in these world class cars.

A Great Auto Service Warranty Tells You A Lot
About Who You Are Dealing With

Are you settling for a 30 day warranty. Some shops in our area actually offer such a meaningless warranty. Others offer 90 days, 6 months or as high as one year.

So Why Do We Give You An Full
12 Month - 12,000 Mile Warranty?

Because we know we can. We trust our work and parts so completely that we give you a warranty that even surpasses the warranty given on some of the parts we use. And they are all first quality, top rate parts!

To let our customers know that we are serious about how we handle our business and our customers, we back up every repair with a full 12 Month / 12,000 mile auto repair & service warranty that includes labor, and parts for your Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, SAAB & Volvo.

We Love What We Do And We Show It

Your questions or concerns about your European automobile will be handled with the utmost care and respect by our experienced, friendly auto service advisors and technicians. Bedford Park Motors is still here after 35 years because we are dedicated to providing you with friendly, respectful, highest-quality auto service for these most prestigious foreign cars for Bronx, Bedford Park, New York City (NYC), Rockland & Westchester, New York (NY).